Heart Failure Care in Rural Canada Nurse Practitioners Addressing the Disparity

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Aldy L. Kusno, NP
Elsie Duff, RN, NP, PhD


Heart failure (HF) is a chronic disease that requires regular, frequent healthcare visits and is one of the leading causes of hospitalization. Patients with HF have reduced physical function that affects multiple aspects of their lives, including mood, exercise, and activities of daily living. Patients recently diagnosed with HF require significant lifestyle changes to maintain their health and function. More importantly, these patients require appropriate access to care to increase their adherence to lifestyle changes and decrease their risk of mortality. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are well situated to address inequities in the care of HF patients and meet the needs of rural populations who have reduced access to health services. 


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Kusno, NP, A. L., & Duff, RN, NP, PhD, E. (2023). Heart Failure Care in Rural Canada: Nurse Practitioners Addressing the Disparity. NP Current, 4(3). Retrieved from https://npcurrentjournal.ca/index.php/bios/article/view/27
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