Nursing Clinic Leadership Styles and Structures A Literature Review

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Jody-Lynn Rebek, Ph.D.
Jordan Mario Barone, BBA


This literature review provided recommendations to a Nurse Practitioner-Led clinic that was evaluating its leadership structure. There are many different models, styles, and leadership structures. Some leadership structures require one leader, some two, and others require more than two. Even with one leader, there are several different leadership styles, such as servant, transformational, authentic and participatory leadership. 

The scope of the present literature review included effective organizational leadership and dual versus single leadership roles/models within healthcare organizations. This analysis identified the advantages and disadvantages of single, dual and shared leadership (for comparison purposes), and summarized effective organizational structures for health clinic practices. The review also examined the different leadership styles and models, some within a healthcare setting. The intent was to find evidence of best practices for leadership structures for an NP-led clinic purpose and culture. 


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